Thomas Donofri

SHAR Modder

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Released Mod

Army of Cola: Evergreen Buzz

Lisa must take down Mayor Quimby's cola scheme...

Released Mod

Yet Another Sandbox Mod

Homer's Day Off.

Released Mod

Wiggum In Zombieland

Wiggum is out of his cola trance and ready to cure some zombies!

Released Mod

AOC: Remastered

Lisa has to stop bart from smuggling soda into Springfield!


Comic Life

Comic Book Guy has a new rival! Defeat him by any means!

Demo (Caramba Tech)

A Clown's Life

Krusty the Clown's adventures!


Ned Flanders In: Nightmare Vacation

Ned just wants to get away...

Coming Soon

A Long Long Night

Barts just wanna have fun...